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Water crockThis may be something that a lot of people have not thought about, but you can help save the environment by buying a water crock, also known as a ceramic water dispenser. What might not be a surprise to people is that you can also save a lot of money! Let’s first look at how you can save money with a water crock

Water coolers cost you more than you think

Let’s face it, water coolers are money pits. They cost a lot of money to buy, so there is a big initial cost, and then every day after that you have to pay for the water, electricity to keep your water cold and repairs. Some people also pay to rent the cooler, and have water delivered. All of these costs add up overtime and can be easily eliminated by buying a ceramic water dispenser instead

How a water crock will save you money

Water crocks are the most cost effective way to store and dispense water. The initial cost of a water crock is very low, we currently sell them for around $25 on our water crock store, but the savings don’t end there. Once you own the crock, you never have to pay another dime, there is no electricity required because the water is naturally cooled by the ceramic, if you want it really cold you can add ice and the ceramic will keep the water cold for a very long time.  There are also no repair costs for a ceramic water crock, so you can help reduce your monthly bills and surprise expenses by buying one instead of a water cooler.

Why water coolers are bad for the environment

Water coolers use three things that would make an eco-friendly person cringe, plastic, chemicals, and electricity all of these elements put a strain on our environment in different ways. Almost the entire water cooler is made of plastic, which means when it breaks or is thrown out it will end up in the dump.

Chemicals are also bad for the environment because they pollute the air and hurt the ozone. Water coolers use freon gasses to cool the water, when the water cooling unit breaks or is disposed of, these freons can be released into the air and are very harmful to the environment

The last strain on the environment is electricity, this is also a strain on your wallet because you have to pay for the electricity. I won’t go into the details on how the effect of electricity consumption and production, but let’s just say coal, power plants, nuclear energy and nuclear waste.

Where to buy a water crock

You now know that you can save money and help the environment buy buying a water crock instead of a water cooler. If you would like to buy one you can visit our water crock store

Summer is at its peak and so is your never ending thirst. You are apprehensive of drinking water directly from theceramic bottled water dispenser tap as the fear of the number of water borne diseases lurks in the back of your mind. While on the other hand, the ever recurring load shedding is not letting you to have the taste of chilled water as the fridge is hardly working. Problems are galore! Not any more though, you can easily buy a ceramic water crock plus a bottled water dispenser, combine them; and you have your very own ceramic bottled water dispenser. If you are interested in a water dispenser that can hold a 5 gallon bottle then visit our ceramic water dispenser page

There are many good trusted companies providing bottled water dispensers in a standard capacity of 5 gallons. While a ceramic water crock usually is available in 2-3 gallons capacity. The bottles can be easily fitted atop the ceramic crock which can be either a counter top one or with a stand type. So with this ceramic bottled water dispenser combination you have cool refreshing water which is pure as well. Mostly the bottles are of 3-5 gallons capacity and the crock is equipped to hold 2-3 gallons. The ceramic bowl can be glazed to give a nice finish. The ceramic water bowls are available in vivid designs, textures and colors. So, you can pick up any which goes in sync with your kitchen styling as well as your own individualistic taste to style.

Some companies are selling them as a single entity called ceramic bottled water dispensers in standard sizes and various designs. This spares you from the hassles of buying them individually and then fitting them. A plastic tap or nozzle is present at the bottom of the ceramic bowl for dispensing water. No other outlet is required and usually a bottle protector is also provided. You will be surprised to know that the bottle is dish washer safe which makes it easier for you to detach it and clean from time to time. Using a Ceramic water crock is a good way to save money (no electricity needed), eliminate that weird plastic taste that water coolers give you, and keep your water naturally cool, as the ceramic will keep the water cold, naturally.

ceramic countertop water dispenerWater dispensers are available in two designs primarily, one is the standing and the other one is the countertop type. Both the type of designs has its own share of pros and cons but still ceramic countertop water dispensers have many features which keeps it ahead of the other type.

Whether it is the space constraint, expense or a general appeal, a ceramic countertop water dispenser is the most popular choice of the buyers. First of all, a standing water dispenser has to be placed in some or the other corner of the kitchen or a room. It can thereby consume a lot of available space. It can also hinder in free movement across the room and is a potential means of a fall/trip hazard.

A Ceramic counter top water dispenser is an excellent accessory for office premises. Generally in offices huge water coolers are bulky and need to be placed at designated areas. The countertop dispensers can be easily placed on any of the tables as per the requirement and can save you from the trouble of going up to the cooler and quench your thirst. They are readily available in market at new contemporary to traditional styles whichever catches your fancy. Colorful designs and patterns will do wonders for your home dcor. While sleek and well-run body contours are just perfect for your office premises as they can fit almost anywhere.

The water stored in these ceramic dispensers may not be very refreshing as water straight out from the refrigerator but still it serves the purpose of supplying cool water in hot summers. Some people prefer drinking water stored in ceramic filters against the bottled mineral water. The bottled water has a characteristic taste to it which many dislike and thus switch to ceramic dispensers. One can even add a side cup dispenser for easy and effective use.

stoneware jugsantique stoneware jugs are nothing new; it is an age old entity existing since 11′Th century. Stoneware has been used to craft pots, dishes, churns, bowls and jugs in plenty. The stoneware jugs and other utensils are fired at much higher temperature as compared to the earthenware and are crafted from a different type of colored clay.

The stoneware jugs have certain inconsistencies in their material of construction, not found in porcelain material. This however gives the stoneware’s a unique texture which is very individualistic and practical. The stoneware’s are often glazed to provide a rare look which is very eye-catching. These are still used as typical kitchen and dining ware as they were used in older times. Previously they were no other options available unlike todays like bone china, glass, steel and melamine. Still for an ethnic yet classy style on your dining table the stoneware jugs are fast selling as hot cakes. For the benefit of environment, now a day these jugs are being made from materials like quartz and feldspar which are also beautiful and sturdy.

The stoneware jugs are fast becoming popular as antique pieces and many people buy them only for decorative purposes. Another great use is to serve water, and a very popular model is the 5 gallon stoneware jug. They are just kept in a room or for that matter on your dining table to add to the overall appeal and ambiance. They are produced in diversified colors, textures and designs. Either they will carry a complete traditional look or something of a mix and match or a contemporary appeal. stoneware whiskey jugs are also very popular among many collectors. Nevertheless, in all there get ups they look beautiful and worth a buy. These jugs can be utilized to keep not only water but other beverages as well and to the surprise of many, they are equipped to savor the juices of the fluid contained. They are priced appropriately, soothing the budget of all.

Visit our store to buy stoneware crocks and jugs.

Ceramic Water CrockThe summer is at its scorching best and so is the load shedding! You are tired of filling up those innumerable water bottles and filling the ice tray and keeping them in the refrigerator. It is always so good to drink chilled water in hot summer, but what if there no electricity to run your fridge? There is a very effective and economical solution to quench your thirst though. Just bring in a ceramic water crock and say goodbye to your water problems at least for a while.

Ceramic water crocks are actually not a new thing; it has been present particularly in the Indian households since centuries. There was neither electricity nor refrigerators in the olden times and a dire need for cold water was felt amongst those living in the hotter regions of the world. These crocks were somewhat successful in keeping water at certain degrees below the room temperature thereby keeping it cool. Not only ceramic but even clay and porcelain was used as a material to build these crocks.

The ceramic water crock is easy to use and maintain. A large amount of water is stored in them at a time, thereby reducing the possibilities of re-filling again and again. These days, sellers are being instrumental in designing the water crocks. They are present in unique designs and vivid colors unlike the plain boring ones of the past. Now anyone can buy them not looking only at the utility but also at the design. Sure, women who have a knack for home dcor will go for the styled ones. More interestingly, not only water but it can be used to store iced tea, lemon juices or any other refreshing beverage. Mostly sellers claim that there crocks are lead free and can store up to 2-3 gallons of water, which is found to be true as well.

Visit our store to buy a ceramic water crock today!

Ceramic water crock dispenserSome people have apprehension in drinking or utilizing water directly from the tap. Probably some find it unhygienic and the rest do not like the taste of it. Many prefer to use large jugs of bottled water which are equipped with a tap or nozzle as a fair solution. However, this might come as a bit heavy on the pocket and plus if your needs are sufficed with 3-5 gallons of water then go for a more viable option of ceramic water crock dispenser.

The ceramic water crock dispenser is very simple in design and construction. Usually it is placed atop a stand and has a nozzle at the lower end for providing water. If you are looking for some variety then you won’t be disappointed either, as these dispensers come in diversified shapes, colors and sizes. Not only will it serve as a source of stored water but also a piece of decor for the kitchen. You can also buy some dispenser with a pattern matching to your kitchen internals and add to the style chosen by you.

The size is very important factor in choosing a ceramic water crock dispenser. As mentioned earlier they come in different sizes and the one chosen by you should fit comfortably in the space available. Usually the dispensers are placed in kitchen only; where space is often a constraint. There are lot many available which can be placed on the counter-top itself. This can consume a lot of space which was to be for other purposes. The dispensers come with tools or stands which can be very well placed on a table or the countertop. The stands are not more than a foot tall and are designed to consume less space. With the help of these stands you can place the dispenser anywhere in the kitchen or room as per the space availability.

Flouride In Tap Water? Scientist Reveals Hidden Concerns To Your Health. Watch The Video Below For Complete Story:

Here’s an Excellent reason to use bottled water on the go, ceramic water dispensers in your home and office and avoid tap water when you can. This video should get you thinking!

We’d like to welcome you here and are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect ceramic water dispenser for your home or office.

Ceramic Water Dispenser

Ceramic Water Dispenser

Everyone needs water and most people don’t get enough each day. This can cause all types of problems and illness. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, it should be consumed on a regular basis so here to help you get all the water you need from your new ceramic water dispenser, is our review of ceramic water dispensers and the like.

After reviewing the benefits of ceramic water dispensers, their competitor products, their practicality and their brand information on our site, we think you’ll be ready to make an informed decision on making your next water dsipenser purchase.

Intro to Standard Water Dispensers:

Not All Tap Water Is Created Equal

To start off, I’d like to formally introduce you to water dispensers. We all know there are several ways to get water to your cup or glass and that’s obvious but the fact of the matter is that all dispensers are not created equal and there’s nothing worse than an eye sore in the kitchen or office that merely performs a simple task like dispensing water. Why use something like that when you have a perfectly good faucet or even a fridge with a dispenser in most cases?

Basic Water Dispenser

Let’s take the Plain-Jane water dispensers you get when you decided to hire a bottled water company from say a Sparklettes or Culligan type company. They usually attempt to up-sell you on classy and stylish designer stands and dispenser types but if you decline, they set you up with an ugly, rectangular, plastic water dispenser in which to place your 5 gallon bottles on.

Aside from these water dispensers being mostly made of plastic including the water lines in them, these unattractive dispensers typically have a plastic spout for pouring water which tends to drip and leak a bit. Some do however offer 2 spouts that allow you to choose between hot and cold pours which is a nice feature but it is still not as fitting as some when it comes to being decor friendly for your home or office especially since hot water doesn’t necessarily hit the spot when you need a drink.

Hey… nice plastic water dispenser in the corner, can I have some hot water? …That will make you thirsty…lol

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