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Water crockThis may be something that a lot of people have not thought about, but you can help save the environment by buying a water crock, also known as a ceramic water dispenser. What might not be a surprise to people is that you can also save a lot of money! Let’s first look at how you can save money with a water crock

Water coolers cost you more than you think

Let’s face it, water coolers are money pits. They cost a lot of money to buy, so there is a big initial cost, and then every day after that you have to pay for the water, electricity to keep your water cold and repairs. Some people also pay to rent the cooler, and have water delivered. All of these costs add up overtime and can be easily eliminated by buying a ceramic water dispenser instead

How a water crock will save you money

Water crocks are the most cost effective way to store and dispense water. The initial cost of a water crock is very low, we currently sell them for around $25 on our water crock store, but the savings don’t end there. Once you own the crock, you never have to pay another dime, there is no electricity required because the water is naturally cooled by the ceramic, if you want it really cold you can add ice and the ceramic will keep the water cold for a very long time.  There are also no repair costs for a ceramic water crock, so you can help reduce your monthly bills and surprise expenses by buying one instead of a water cooler.

Why water coolers are bad for the environment

Water coolers use three things that would make an eco-friendly person cringe, plastic, chemicals, and electricity all of these elements put a strain on our environment in different ways. Almost the entire water cooler is made of plastic, which means when it breaks or is thrown out it will end up in the dump.

Chemicals are also bad for the environment because they pollute the air and hurt the ozone. Water coolers use freon gasses to cool the water, when the water cooling unit breaks or is disposed of, these freons can be released into the air and are very harmful to the environment

The last strain on the environment is electricity, this is also a strain on your wallet because you have to pay for the electricity. I won’t go into the details on how the effect of electricity consumption and production, but let’s just say coal, power plants, nuclear energy and nuclear waste.

Where to buy a water crock

You now know that you can save money and help the environment buy buying a water crock instead of a water cooler. If you would like to buy one you can visit our water crock store

We’d like to welcome you here and are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect ceramic water dispenser for your home or office.

Ceramic Water Dispenser

Ceramic Water Dispenser

Everyone needs water and most people don’t get enough each day. This can cause all types of problems and illness. Since our bodies are made up of mostly water, it should be consumed on a regular basis so here to help you get all the water you need from your new ceramic water dispenser, is our review of ceramic water dispensers and the like.

After reviewing the benefits of ceramic water dispensers, their competitor products, their practicality and their brand information on our site, we think you’ll be ready to make an informed decision on making your next water dsipenser purchase.

Intro to Standard Water Dispensers:

Not All Tap Water Is Created Equal

To start off, I’d like to formally introduce you to water dispensers. We all know there are several ways to get water to your cup or glass and that’s obvious but the fact of the matter is that all dispensers are not created equal and there’s nothing worse than an eye sore in the kitchen or office that merely performs a simple task like dispensing water. Why use something like that when you have a perfectly good faucet or even a fridge with a dispenser in most cases?

Basic Water Dispenser

Let’s take the Plain-Jane water dispensers you get when you decided to hire a bottled water company from say a Sparklettes or Culligan type company. They usually attempt to up-sell you on classy and stylish designer stands and dispenser types but if you decline, they set you up with an ugly, rectangular, plastic water dispenser in which to place your 5 gallon bottles on.

Aside from these water dispensers being mostly made of plastic including the water lines in them, these unattractive dispensers typically have a plastic spout for pouring water which tends to drip and leak a bit. Some do however offer 2 spouts that allow you to choose between hot and cold pours which is a nice feature but it is still not as fitting as some when it comes to being decor friendly for your home or office especially since hot water doesn’t necessarily hit the spot when you need a drink.

Hey… nice plastic water dispenser in the corner, can I have some hot water? …That will make you thirsty…lol

Click Here to view our Huge selection of  Stylish Ceramic Water Dispensers

Counter-Top Water Dispensers:

We have also all seen counter-top water dispensers that offer a little more functionality when it comes to fitting in. First these counter-top water dispensers can fit nicely into small spaces eliminating the need for extra floor space in smaller kitchens and offices. Space savers are in my opinion worth every penny.

Secondly, these counter-top water dispensers can offer more of a user friendly experience due to the fact that they use smaller water bottles usually in 2-2 1/2  & 3 gallon sizes. This makes them not only easier to replace when they run out because they are much lighter but again they also take up much less space, sometimes fitting under a cabinet or cupboard.

Remember space saving in the home and office makes for an ideal application. One other benefit to these smaller water bottles is that you don’t need a lot of extra room or closet space to store extra bottles.

Ceramic Water Dispensers for the counter:

Designer Ceramic Water Dispenser Choice

Another main selling point of these counter-top water dispensers is when you go with a ceramic water dispenser, you can find all kinds of styles and colors to choose from. You can opt for a specific shape like a sports ball or a even a lemon depending on what type of decor you have. This makes it a fun piece to have around and even can be a good discussion starter.

Logos and images are also trendy with today’s ceramic water dispensers. Need one with your company logo? No problem.. Need one with a rooster for that country style kitchen at home? No problem. With ceramic water dispensers you can have just about any look you want.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are also many full height ceramic water dispensers that you can also use. Many companies out there offer designer stands and what not, to give your dispenser a lift.. These are better for larger kitchens and offices that aren’t limited on space.

Click Here To See Our Selection Of Designer & Not-So Designer Stands